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Connie Lowe Reserve Off-Leash Dog Park, Rouse Hill

Looking for an off-leash dog park in Sydney’s north-west? Why not try Connie Lowe Reserve, Rouse Hill.

Let me be completely honest and whilst it’s a dog park, there’s not much to do other than to let your dog run. Some owners might not find this dog park as exciting as others, but I have absolutely no issues with this as it’s the most grass our dog has ever seen in which he can run freely and off-lead.

That said, it reminds me of a large cricket oval in its former glory, surrounded by an enclosed white picket fence which helps keep the dogs in. There’s one or two ramps – the equivalent of very, very basic agility equipment – and plenty of space for several dogs to run together and not feel cramped in a ‘small’ dog park.

It’s a great dog park if you want to tire out your pooch out and run side-by-side together. And on most summer weekends, I’ve found it gets busy from mid-morning onwards, so your dog will more than likely meet some furry pals to play with.

Limited parking facilities available adjoining the park.

Visit Connie Lowe Reserve

Adelphi Street, Rouse Hill, New South Wales, Australia 2155

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