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Finalising of Internal Carpentry and Commencement of Tiling – Lock-Up Stage

Dane has been great during this transition period as our new site supervisor.  He’s been responsive to emails and quite easy going in terms of approach.  His fortnightly email this week included the completion of internal wood works and tiling to commence in the wet areas.

Our front door is now installed – let the lock-up stage begin! Once this is installed, the appliances can come in.  Eden Brae don’t install everything during this stage as it’s known for kitchen appliances in particular to be stolen prior to hand-over – yes it’s true, people have the nerve to do so. That said, other household items will be installed such as tapware and bathroom.

The main bathroom has been sealed ready for tiling.


  1. Otto says

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thank you for your blog, any issue with your house ? Any advice you can give that you may missed when you inspected the house and found out later?
    I am currently on final stage of building cremorne too.


    • Jacqueline Langford says

      Hi Otto, I’m not sure if you’ve seen all the posts following this however, if you jump into them, you’ll see the challenges that may have arose such as at final inspection, as well as post completion. The final inspection review is quite detailed, so do have a look. There is also the 13-week maintenance defect period post handover, in addition to a two year minor defects warranty review.

      Overall, we’ve been very happy with our home. I’ll update with some internals soon as another person has requested. We’ve been two years in and had no major issues from us. We did have a water leak but it was repaired under warranty. Just keep in mind that there will be hairline fractures here and there over time as the build does need to settle. Also, make sure you review thoroughly and don’t feel pressured to settle if you’re not completely satisfied (for major issues to be rectified prior to settlement).

  2. Mei says


    Did Eden Brae added appropriate weep hole cover to prevent insects/snakes!, from entering the brick cavities intended for ventilation only and if so what stage do they do this? Were almost lock up stage as well but haven’t seen covers on our bricks yet


    • Jacqueline Langford says

      Hi Mei, unfortunately our Eden Brae build didn’t have any covers included – I’m not sure if this is an additional cost? That said, you can buy bulk packs at Bunnings and add them at a later date. Maybe check with your Eden Brae Admin contact if your build is inclusive of these?

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