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Council Submission

We received notification from our new CSA (we were assigned a new consultant mid-process) of the next steps of our documentation. Our main application has been lodged by Eden Brae to council for assessment and it’s time to finalise the following prior to the allocated commencement date.

  • Colour selection appointments completed and finalised
  • Kitchen selection appointment completed and finalised
  • Electrical selection appointment completed and finalised
  • Tiling selection appointments completed and finalised
  • Plumbing upgrade appointment completed and finalised (if required)
  • Finalised, sign and return all post contract variations
  • Proof of land ownership (if not already provided)
  • Finance details (if not already provided)
  • Demolition application lodged to council (if applicable)
  • Provide the “Authority to Commence Construction” (ACC) from your lending authority (if available) or;
  • Where bank finance is not available, cash clients must demonstrate meeting conditions of the building contract (evidence of funds to cover the final contract price).

We have finalised most, with a few outstanding pending responses from the suppliers. If only Eden Brae had a technology integrated solution throughout this process. We currently have three piles of stacked paper on our table and documents are emailed between suppliers, the CSA consultant and us, which can become a messy process to follow.

In the event the commencement date is not met, Clause 54 of the home building agreement will be adjusted in line with the current price.

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