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Home Sweet Home

It’s taken over 2-years and 5-months for this home to finish – from the day we purchased our block of land and waited for it to be registered, to now settling and being given the keys to our new home. The house build alone took approximately 11-months including all the building administration formalities and public holidays (Christmas, New Year and Easter breaks).

A dance on the new driveway is the first of our celebrations, singing along to an ad-lib version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” at the top of our lungs – followed by a big burst of laughter as it’s finally our day to turn the keys and walk right in.  This is one of our biggest life milestones achieved #framedbysight.


  1. Garry says

    Hi Jacqueline, love the house colours, found your blog while searching for espresso bricks. We are looking to get same bricks for our build with EBH. Can I ask how is your bricks colour holding up, especially when reading reviews of espresso bricks chipping and revealing the orange colour underneath. Thanks

    • Jacqueline Langford says

      Hi Garry, thank you very much. These bricks have been fine. If you stand up-close and yes, if they’re damaged the colour does come through. However, this will be the case for any ‘brick face’ that is not of a natural base colour, and Espresso is one of those. If you do have good brick layers (our bricklayers were brilliant), they should hopefully position the bricks accordingly with the best ‘brick face’ on the outside of your home. The most obvious and visible areas you would notice this though, is inside the garage walls if it’s not double-bricked, as not all bricks have perfect coverage on all sides. That said, during your Final Inspection (or earlier), if you notice damaged bricks, you can raise this then. Hope that helps.

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