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Kitchen being Installed and the Interior Doors are Hung

With a great surprise, our Build Watch email notification shared our kitchen under construction today – for me, the most exciting part of our house. We did quite a few modifications to this area, spent a fraction more money than estimated, but hopefully the outcome will be what we wanted.

This is our second kitchen renovation thus far, first time to build a house, so without having existing skeleton frameworks that you need to work within, you could have designed whatever you want – which we did.

So, you’re wondering where the butler pantry is right? If you’ve built – or building – an Eden Brae Cremorne, this is one of their feature inclusions adjoining the kitchen.  We actually removed the butler pantry and reversed this space into the garage. If you honestly have that much food and kitchen appliances, you must have a very large family. The home we’ve built however is small in comparison to some of the mansion-sized Cremornes (only a 30SQ), so the space would be better utilised as a workshop or storage in the garage rather than a butler pantry.

In the background, you can also see an internal door installed.

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