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First Building Variation

After a series of PCVs raised during the contract phase, here’s another acronym to add to the list – Building Variation aka BV. Whilst our file is in production, supplies are being ordered and a discrepancy has been identified.

What? What discrepancy? We’ve been looking over these contracts with a fine tooth comb.

To be frank, I’m not surprised its been missed. The contract process involves a mountain of paper, approvals and emails back-and-forth. I’m surprised this is how Eden Brae operate with the number of customers they have. It’s quite manual in a day-and-age where technology is in abundance and surely a centralised online portal can be created?

I know we’re human and these things happen. I am glad it was clarified now before the install otherwise we wouldn’t have been happy campers. During the production phase, Eden Brae pointed out mismatched detail of our front entry door.

Original contract stated: Clear glazed, stained finish.
Home Options Gallery documentation stated: Translucent, painted finish.

Most current (and correct) was the Home Options Gallery documentation which is what we finalised. Similar to the PCV process, BV#1 is now raised to correct this detail.

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